Preston Values

Vision Statement


To be the most respected and successful sporting organisation in the Northern Metro Region.


Mission Statement


To create a friendly community-based environment fostering and supporting growth amongst players at all levels.


PCC Club Values


‘Family, Fun and Fairness come before Success’



We treat everyone like Family


Treating People like Family is:

  • Treating others how we wish to be treated

  • Supporting each other both on and off the field through good and hard times

  • Seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow and improve

  • Going out of your way to make new and current players welcome



We always have Fun

  • We always celebrate as a team, leaving no person behind

  • We support our team mates no matter what grade of cricket we play

  • We attend PCC social functions with our mates

  • We always encourage each other, regardless of the outcome

  • We take time out to celebrate success with each other



We treat everyone with Fairness

  • Treating our team mate and all other clubs with respect

  • Supporting all players no matter what grade they may play in

  • Playing the game hard but fair and within the ‘spirit of cricket’

  • Providing feedback to players in a positive and constructive manner






We always strive for Success

  • Putting the club/team ahead of the individual

  • Embracing opportunities for all players

  • Reward and recognise great performance and results

  • Celebrating good performances together